Ideas For Your Essay On Why Education Is Better Than Money

An essay on why education is better than money is one of the most hackneyed notions that teachers and professors just cannot seem to get enough of. Then again, there must be a reason behind this. They want you to graduate only to become someone of a prestigious position that both supports you financially and gives you the respect in society that you so deserve. Below are some ideas that you may propose in your essay.

  1. 1- Education leads to success: Not to be stating the obvious, but this will actually make a good thesis statement for your essay. While some may argue that plenty of educated people end up working with a minimum wage that may just be because they don’t know how to use their knowledge.
  2. 2- Self-teaching: Self–teaching alone can lead to great success. Plenty of those who cannot afford higher education are smart enough to make use of their internet connection to learn a new language, or HTML5 and end up making six figures without a college degree. You can do plenty if you’re dedicated.
  3. 3- Profitable onerous positions are not satisfactory: For those who are way too lazy to learn and they so settle for drug dealing, or say, stripping, end up making a good some of money but how many of them are actually content? Nowadays you may see incalculable photos or “memes” on social media on how strippers make much more money than those with college degrees, but I’ll have you know, those strippers also end up overdosing on… abashment. You can lie to yourself all you want to say you will not care what people think if you’re driving a fancy convertible, but you cannot escape how others will deem you. And it will inevitably get you at some point.
  4. 4- Building opinions: You will also realize that without a proper education, you’re not even capable of creating a simple political opinion or winning an argument without resorting to the good ol’ “Whatever, you’re ugly anyway”. You will lack the most rudimentary ethics that will make you further oppressed, and frankly, for a good cause.
  5. 5- Education is fulfilling: School work is tedious and overwhelming, but you would be surprised how much more overwhelming the void you’re left with when you quit school is. Learning can be fun if you choose to learn about aspects you’re interested in.

Those are our suggested ideas that you can work around when writing your essay. Please, make sure you make use of these ideas in real life and not flout them as soon as you turn in your paper. If you want to know more about how sagacious choosing the educational path is check this company out.

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