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Writing an essay seems to be a mammoth task for some people. But writing the bit is not all. There are certain after writing essay activities too among which proofreading tops the chart. Apparently, it seems to be a very easy task, and most of us think that it’s merely the spell checks and mistakes. But, we are so wrong. Proofreading not only includes the spelling checks but also includes revising the writing and going through it a number of times to ensure it’s of high quality and error free. Not only in terms of spellings and contents, but also in the area of formatting, alignment and many more. The big, large and lengthy the write-up, more are the proofreading issues. Every time a writer starts writing an essay, he or she usually thinks that they will avoid any proofreading issues. But, that seems almost impossible as some error while writing is bound to happen and even while, I am writing this article, I had already done some error on the way, which I will need to fix through proofreading, before considering my article finished and ready to submit. Now, there’s a dearth of time almost always regarding proofreading when the workload is heavy, and one does not have the energy and time to proofread. At this point, the online proofreading services comes into the picture. In this article, we will look for various resources from where we can get essay proofreading services.

Free online proofreading service resources:

  • The most easily accessible free online resource for proofreading is the tab with the similar heading within the most widely used writing software Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word provides a broad range of proofreading options. Options may include; autocorrect, formatting, alignment, font color, style and format, spellings & grammar checks and similar other tabs and options from the menu of “Review”.
  • If you have already hired a professional essay writing service provider, then it’s most likely that they would proofread the whole write thoroughly up before delivering free of cost.
  • These days there are ample proofreading software available on the internet ready to be downloaded for free. One can easily download them for free and use them. The only thing to be cautious about, in this case, is to download an authentic version that is preferably scanned with your system’s anti- virus before installing it on your computer.

Apart, from these above mentioned free options, one can always try out the online proofreading service providing companies. These companies charge for their services, but one can always ask from them, their work sample for free in order to judge their work and service quality.

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