The 15 Best Evaluation Essay Topics For College Students

Some helpful idea to develop for your evaluation essays in college…

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is written with the purpose of utilizing facts and conditions when investigating any topic or any issue. Any good quality evaluation essay takes into account the following three fundamental pillars:

  • Judgment: This is the writer’s broad and composite opinion about the subject matter
  • Criterion: These are reasons that have been used by the writer to substantiate his or her claims
  • Evidence: These are factual backgrounds that bolster the claims or arguments made by the writer.

Some great evaluation essay topics for college students…

  1. An investigation of the recent performance of a sports team as a comparative analysis of their performance in pertinence to their competitors.
  2. A detailed analysis of the divergence of operational protocols while engaging in simulations of sports or games, and partaking the actual sports or games physically.
  3. A comparative analysis of the experience of watching a football game at an Irish Pub, an American Sports Bar, and the home.
  4. An investigative analysis of the change of the paradigm shift in the nature of romantic movies in the 2010s.
  5. A comparative analysis of the success and failure of movie franchises in the horror movie genre in the 1970s.
  6. A detailed study of the nature of differences in the plot and storyline when movie adaptations of popular books are portrayed in Hollywood.
  7. An investigative comparison of the factors upon which the movies’ are given their ratings, and the role of vested interests in consequence.
  8. A comparison of traditional rustic French cuisine being cooked by cooks of Mexican descent in the European region to the traditional rustic Mexican cuisine being cooked by cooks of French descent in Mexico.
  9. A study of the pizza delivery time frames of various pizza franchises in the United States.
  10. An investigative evaluation of the impact of social networking websites on the relationships of parents with their children in the physical world.
  11. A comparative evaluation of the three dimensional movie watching experience of Disney movies with the conventional two dimensional movies’ watching experience.
  12. A comparison of the change of text message lingo in various south American countries.
  13. A comparison of the student experiences of those who take IELTS to those who take TOEFL.
  14. A comparison of the foreign policies of north American countries in 1960s.
  15. An investigation of first date experiences of homosexual couple in the united states in 2010s.

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