Climate Change

The rate at which the climate changes are affecting us is alarming. Calls to control effects of the climate change are ion going. The greenhouse effect has been taking the blame for the many changes in climate over the years. It is a real contributor but we tend to ignore tha facts that activities of people are also in the equation. In fact, human activities are today a major contributor to the climate changes. The release of toxins in the atmosphere and especially the carbon dioxide is a contributor to the climate change. The release of the gas is majorly due to the increased number of industries that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. Another major contributor is the release of pollutants by the vehicles. Home heating is a contributor also. The attempts by governments in regulating amounts of pollutants released into te air are on the rise and increase in many countries. Other causes include activities like deforestation, overstocking and over cultivation.

Effects of Climate Changes

Global warming is one result. Temperatures on earth have been on the increase. High temperatures have been an issue as they have led to drought and famine in many areas in the world. Famine and lack of food is an issue due to global warming and climate change. Deaths from drought and famine have increased as a result of the climate change. Climate changes may bring about floods and heavy rains. During the times of floods many residents are displaced from places they know as homes. The other thing is that diseases are wide spread during these seasons. People can also die from floods.

Curbing Effects of Climate Changes

We need to take some responsibility failure to which more effects of climate change will continue to hit the planet. Governments need to discourage air pollution by all the means in all the countries. Planting more trees is good for the effects of rain pulling. It is good for prevention of water catchment areas. Planting enough trees ensures that there wind breakers in case of too much strong wind that can cause damage. To avoid the perishing of people in floods during the rain, it is essential to ensure that dams are constructed in case of too much rain. This water can be used in case of water shortage for home use and irrigation. Irrigation schemes introduction is a good idea in areas that food growth is a problem. Education programs on how to care for the environment should be available for all.

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