How To Create An Outstanding Five-Paragraph Essay: Vital Advice

Essay writing is one of the most assigned tasks you will complete in your academic career. These assignments require the students to express their opinions and write objectively about the subject under concern. Different teachers will have different preferences for the subject and the type of the paper however; the basic structure stays the same. A traditional five-paragraph essay consists of three major sections namely the introduction, body, and the conclusion

If you are to create an outstanding five-paragraph essay, we will have to look at each of these sections in detail. You will find useful advice in this article to create a great paper for your school

The introduction is the first thing the readers will see in your paper so you need to make sure it is good enough. This paragraph is supposed to present your topic to the readers as well as grab their attention so that they are interested to read the rest of your assignment. This is a place to introduce your topic as well as give an overview of what you will cover in the rest of your assignment. This consists of one paragraph where you include the thesis statement by the end of it. You may or may not include a thesis statement depending upon the requirements by your teacher

The second section of your paper is the body. In a five-paragraph assignment, the body will contain three paragraphs so that there are total five including the introduction and conclusion. The body of your essay represents the major arguments and the entire scope of your work. You have to clearly separate the paragraphs from one and other by gathering similar data together. Each paragraph in the body of your paper needs to be unique in content and ideas. You should separate the data and evidence for each argument in the outline so that you can easily arrange them into the body paragraphs. You may as well include one summary statement at the end of each paragraph. The transition between these paragraphs should be smooth so that the reader can tell when one paragraph ends and other starts

The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion where you summarize everything you have discussed so far in your paper. You can leave a point to ponder for the readers or suggest an action based on your thesis statement

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