Writing A Narrative Vs Descriptive Essay: The Essentials

Two of the most popular types of writing assignments are the narrative and the descriptive essay. Since students will most likely have to complete one of these types of papers during their schooling, they should make sure that they are familiar with the difference. Although the writing styles are fairly similar, there are a few key differences that students will have to remember.

What Is a Narrative?

Normally, a narrative will reflect on a personal experience. The student may want to explain a summer trip, a life-changing moment or their first day of school. When someone reads this style of writing, it will feel like they are reading a book that is written in the first person. To get a high score on this type of essay, the student should make sure that they use a personable voice and an engaging plot line to draw the reader's attention in.

What Is Description?

Although it is someone similar, a descriptive paper will be a personal experience without the plot line. In essence, the student must write about a scene or a feeling so that the reader can imagine it. The writer must describe the smells, sounds, sights and feelings that they associate with the place. Often, students will choose to describe their favorite location, bedroom or vacation spot.

How Are These Writing Styles Similar?

Like most writing, students will have to write an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In between, the student will spend their time describing something that they experienced. While a descriptive essay focuses on the sensory memories of a specific location, a narrative paper will go into the plot line of the student's memory. Due to this, narration will often use words like β€œI” and β€œme”.

Remember to Read Through the Prompt

Although the previous paragraphs discussed the most common differences between narration and descriptive writing, teachers may always require other changes. Before writing anything, students should carefully read through the writing prompt. They should make sure that they understand the page requirements and writing expectations that they have to face. Just in case, the student should post the writing prompt next to their computer. Every few hours, the student can refer to this writing prompt to make sure that they are still on track. If there are changes that need to be made, it is better for the student to find out about them as soon as possible.

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