How To Compose A Brilliant Persuasive Essay On No Smoking

A common essay type that you may be asked to write is a persuasive essay. It is one of the best ways to teach students how to create a thesis statement and then prove their case. This is because it works to get students to prove their statement. You will have to work to prove the point that you are trying to make by using at least three reasons.

For a persuasive paper on no smoking you will give three reasons to prove why you shouldn’t smoke. You will need to do a few things to make this paper successful.

  1. 1.Create a thesis statement
  2. This is the main point of your paper. The main point is already decided for you so you will just need to come up with at least three reasons to support your claim. Your thesis should look something like this: you should not smoke because it is dangerous to your health, it is expensive, and it is dangerous to those around you.

  3. 2. Create an outline
  4. This will help you organize your ideas. If you haven’t completely decided on what thesis statement you would like to write about, you can always do this step first. That way you can organize your ideas to write a cohesive and compelling paper. You want to show your audience the horrors of smoking and try to persuade them to quit or never start in the first place.

  5. 3. Introduction
  6. This is where you will give a background information on smoking. You will end this paragraph with your thesis statement.

  7. 4. Body paragraphs
  8. You will have three body paragraphs. Each one will talk about a reason why you shouldn’t smoke. These will be the same reasons that you listed in your thesis statement. Each paragraph should start out with a topic sentence that concentrates on the main point that you are trying to prove. You will then follow with a reason to prove the topic of that paragraph. You have three reasons so you will have three body paragraphs.

  9. 5. Conclusion
  10. You will end your paper with a conclusion that works to wrap your entire paper up. You will retouch on the main points to reiterate them to your audience. Make sure not to introduce any new topics in this section.

You now have all of the tools needed to write a successful persuasive essay. You will just make sure that you concentrate on persuading your audience to stop or not smoke.

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