A Day Without Technology

Most of us cannot imagine that they can go for a day without the touch or use of the technology we are used to. Today, almost all we do is reliant on technology. We have phones, iPods, and computers just to mention a few. Technology is useful but sometimes overused and other times even misused. Some are addicted to their phones or their computers. You may have noted how people constantly keep checking their phones for texts or emails. Others keep looking or logging in to their computers. We want to check and see who has contacted us or what they want. Sometimes it is just because we have an addiction. It is essential to try to have a day that is without the use of technology. It is surprising that some have never tried or attempted to keep off technology even for a day. There are some benefits and advantages associated or linked to having a day that is without the use of any technology.

Benefits of a day Without Technology

You can try or attempt to spend or have one day that is free from technology use to experience these advantages. Quality time can be spent with friends and even family. When you are not playing online games or watching movies and chatting on social media, you can have quality time. One can have enough or a lot of fun with no interruptions from calls or texts from other people including friends or even workmates. Story and experience sharing with the friends and family are achievable in a day with no technology. You can engage in refreshing activities and games together and have fun. Sometimes keeping off technology is fun as it allows you to have outdoor activities as much as you want, or you may like. You can also take rides around the field or the packs to maximize the quality of a day without technology. Concentration on school work that does not require you to do research is easier if you are not using technology. The interruptions are minimized, and you can, therefore, do tasks and assignments in the best way. The night is more peaceful for you if you are not using technology, for example, your phone or your computer compared to having the devices on. You can sleep well and easily with no disturbances from technology.

Disadvantages of a Day without Technology

You could miss an important or urgent call. There can also be missed opportunities. If you are not outdoors, keeping off, technology can result in boredom.

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