The Basics Of School Essay Writing: Tried And Tested Strategies

There are various ways to develop us in a refined way at school. Essays play a vital part in channelizing our mindset in a correct vein. Problem is; most students don’t understand the demands of the texture of these pieces and write it like they would their History answers.

Here are the basic considerations you should moot over while writing these pieces

  • Stick to what the teacher asks – The teacher may ask for a three, four or five paragraph piece. He may impose a word limit. He may ask you to cover the topic in a particular way. You need to stick to what he requires; not present something of your whim.
  • Keep the structure – You should keep the structure clear. Ideally, the piece should have a head, body and tail. The opening paragraph opens up the topic while the concluding one puts finality to it. The in-between paragraphs are there to lend substance to facts or your opinions.
  • Progress sequentially – Remember that it is not a movie. You cannot take the non-linear route. You have to move in the forward direction, gradually proving your point in favor of the given topic.
  • Jotting points – You should jot down 4-5 eminent points in relation to the topic and placed it at regular intervals with curt explanations. Make sure that the points are distinctive and relevant to the topic.
  • The standing motif – You should come out as a writer with a mind. You should stick to one point that defines your quest. This, in return, would be the standing motif of your piece. In fact, this is also the standard for dissertations.
  • Talk logically – Even if you have an opinionated piece in hand, you should not talk out of your hat. Each of your opinions and arguments should have a firm footing; a prominent logic behind it. You should also labor to find striking data that strengthen your point.
  • Conclude with resolve – With your conclusion, you should put an end to any speculation or apprehension. Your logic, arguments and ultimate essence should appear redoubtable to the readers, in this case, your teacher.
  • Fluid writing style – You should keep working on a writing style that readers take on with love. There should also be a sincere effort in keeping curiosity alive.
  • Ultimate check – You should go through the essay 2-3 times carefully to check whether you have made any structural, grammatical or logical error. You are good to go.

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