How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Persuasive Essay On Prohibition Of Smoking

If you're looking for information on how to write a thesis statement for a persuasive essay on prohibition of smoking consider the following advice:

Your thesis statement for a persuasive essay functions very similarly to any other thesis statement. The persuasive essay is one where your job is to persuade your readers that your point of view or perspective has the most amount of evidence to back it up or that the opposition is seriously flawed. In doing this you have to explore both sides to the prohibition of smoking and present either why your side is better or why you're opposing side is flawed and as a result your side is better.

It is important to remember that a strong thesis statement is one of the most critical components to your writing process. Your thesis statement should present your topic to the reader while also summarizing whatever argument it is you're going to present in the body of your work, an argument supported by evidence. In this case the argument you are presenting is the prohibition of smoking.

  • A sound thesis statement will capture every detail in one sentence. This sentence is generally something which appears inside of your introductory paragraph and is usually the final sentence in the introductory paragraph one which helps the reader to make it into the remainder of the work. When you write this part of your assignment you want to make sure that you are clear about the opinion you have.
  • You have to make sure that your final statement includes a claim that you know can be debated by other people. You need to summarize the argument that you want to make but also make sure that the reader knows what your point of view is very clearly. One of the easiest ways to test the thesis you have written is to ask yourself whether your reader would be able to oppose it or challenge it. If what you produce simply states a fact that someone would not be able to disagree with then you might be summarizing the issue rather than actually presenting your opinion and this will not get you far in terms of the persuasive writing.
  • Your statement should be focused and specific. The reader needs to know exactly what it is you're going to argue and why. It should also include evidence. You want to tell the reader what evidence you're going to present more thoroughly later on in the body of your work.

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