Drug Policy

There are many who promote the legalization of certain drugs in our country. Their reasons are based on logical arguments that include historical evidence, observations of countries where drugs are currently legal, and an analysis of how crime is influenced by a country’s drug policy. But are these reasons as logical as they seem?

Drugs versus alcohol

If we look at statistics, it is clear that alcohol abuse is way more prevalent than drug abuse. Governing bodies who are for certain drugs remain illegal will use these statistics to purport the notion that making a substance illegal is a good way to prevent abuse. However, another theory is that drug use is less addictive and destructive than alcohol. Marijuana smokers for instance are less likely to act in a disorderly manner after smoking, than a drunkard after drinking. Whereas alcohol has the potential to cause violence, aggression, and sex crimes; marijuana is more likely to relax them and tire them out. For this reason, many believe that if alcohol can remain legal, then marijuana should be made legal too.

Drug legalization and control

Another reason many think that drugs should be legalized is so that they can be more easily controlled. This involves careful monitoring of drug selling and distribution (like there is with alcohol) as well as the taxation of drugs. Conspiracy theorists have long believed that the reason drugs are made illegal by the government, is because it is the government who wants the drug prices pushed up. This theory of course implies that government is involved in the drug trade and mainly responsible for its existence.

Crime’s relation to illegal drugs

With the supply for an illegal substance, comes lots of crime. Those who are for legalizing certain drugs will always assert that more people die in the violent crimes surrounding drug selling, than those who are involved in using. Their logic goes that if drugs are legal, the crime surrounding these trade-related incidents will quickly vanish. The best way to see if this is true is to look at countries where certain drugs are legal. If we see little drug-related crimes in these countries, we can assume that this theory is correct.

While many may gasp at the idea of legalizing drugs, it may actually do more good than harm. Legalizing certain drugs may have a beneficial effect on society. It seems that in the fight against drugs, it is the fight that is causing the real harm—not the drugs.

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