Human Cloning: Potentials And Controversies

Advances in genetic research have allowed laboratories in a variety of countries to now be able to claim that the ability to ‘clone’ human beings is presently within their grasp. Indeed, some institutions in have recently announced they have successfully cloned human embryos. Whether or not such claims are valid, modern genetic research and technology seem poised to recreate human life. This process immediately raises ethical concerns while simultaneously offering the prospects of remarkable breakthroughs in a variety of medical applications. This paper seeks modestly to highlight some of these concerns and applications while expecting to conclude that successful and abundant human cloning is imminent and likely inexorable.

The Case for Cloning:

Perhaps the most promising consequence of human cloning would be the benefits associated with having a genetically identical copy of oneself. The genetic donor could have access to a variety of organs, limbs, bones and blood that would be identical to his or her own. This, in turn, would allow a donor the benefits of being able to ‘harvest’ any needed parts or fluids that may have become damaged, weakened, or worn over time. Such an ability could signficantly enhance the health and longevity of donors.

The Case Against Cloning:

The strongest argument against human cloning is perhaps all too obvious: from an ethical point of view, it would create a condition wherein human beings would be created and exist without the same fundamental human rights as those possessed by their donors. Human clones, albeit identical to their donors, would simply become nothing more than ‘spare parts’ to be used as needed.


While ethical arguments against human cloning are compelling and profound, human genetic research is positioned to take the ‘genie out of the bottle’. In the near future, with the ability to create identical copies of human donors, economic and social imperatives are likely to exploit market demands. Barring effective public policy aimed at curtailing human cloning, the reproduction of human life seems inexorable.

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