Composing A Top-Quality 3 Paragraph Expository Essay

Writing a short expository essay in just 3 paragraphs may seem an easy task to accomplish but reveal otherwise in the creation process. The most difficult part when writing short texts is that you need to select your words very carefully so as to transmit the message to the reader regardless the short extension. Accuracy is key to make yourself through in the small amount of words that you will be able to write in this kind of essay.

  • The structure. In a 3-paragraph essay, you just have one simple approach at hand: introduction, body and conclusion. You are able to mix it up a little by adding more information than it corresponds to each section but the basic outline remains. In the first paragraph, you should brief the reader on your essay. Next, you proceed to develop the content in detail by supporting one or two thesis statements. Last, you come up with an ending thesis statement and close the text by arriving to a conclusion, suggesting an idea, etc.
  • The content. In your expository essay, you will only have space for important thesis statements and the backup information which supports these ideas or facts. Any other content may seem irrelevant, as you are creating a short essay on a certain topic. If you want to add some personal insight, you could do so in the last paragraph. The basis idea is to communicate the most with the least words keeping the word count to a certain extension.
  • Work on the accuracy. What makes the difference between a regular expository essay and an outstanding one is the quality of the phrases which you come up with. As the extension is not too long, you will be able to focus most of your time in the accuracy. Make an effort to refine the phrases and the structures that you use in order to better express your insight in the topic. Make an appealing introduction as well as a strong conclusion so that the reader reminds your articles for a while. You should definitely look forward to make good impression from the first word to the last.
  • Revise and correct. In order to improve the quality of your expository paper, you should use a correcting tool in order to get rid of those possible typos and common mistakes.

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