The Life Of Walter Tull

Walter Tull made a mark in this world as a British footballer and later as the first ever black official to lead white British soldiers in battle. He was born in 1888 and died at the age of 30. At such a tender age Tull was amongst the deceased in World War One. He was born to a black father and a white mother who belonged to a place in England called Kent. Tull move to Britain from West Indies where later he established his career as a footballer and as an army official. He belonged the slave ancestry, his grandfather was a slave his entire life.

Despite being sent to war, Tull always wanted to establish his career as a footballer. His career spiked after the 1900’s when he followed a very successful trial. He was signed by Clapton FC as an amateur footballer and was assigned the role of an inside-forward player in the team.

Following his dream, Tull went to achieve a lot of fame and success as a footballer. In 1886 he played football at Preston North end as a goalkeeper, later at Wharton, in Rotherham and later in Sheffield United. He won the FA Amateur Cup, the London Senior Cup and the prestigious London Amateur Cup. Followed by such prestigious and massive victories, Tull was signed as Britain’s first ever black professional outfield footballer.

Distressed childhood

Walter Tull was made to face several troubles in his life considering he lost both his parents very early on and had to be brought up in an orphanage with several other kids. Despite still having family members, Tull knew from an early age that he himself was the only possibility for a better and brighter future. This is the reason why Tull eventually had to forfeit his love for football and become a soldier. Through this journey, he became the first black official and a professional first ever black footballer.

From footballer to officer

It was during WW1 in 1914 that Walter gave up football and joined the British Army. Like his participation in football, he was an exceptional soldier and was soon promoted to an officer’s position. Through his new post he fought the battle in various places including Italy and France where he eventually lost his life at the age of 30 in 1918.

Through this extraordinary journey, his name still lives on and is remembered. in Britain.

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