Creating A Winning Cause And Effect Essay On Violence In Sports

Some sport events end poorly because someone does not behave with sportsmanship. Sometimes, nerves get out of control and it has serious consequences, especially when it happens when practising sports. Despite the possible punishments, violence is not vanished from sports nowadays.

  • - Disciplinary measures against violence in sports. It is advisable to start your article by stating the current measures that are applied to sportsmen who act aggressively in a competition. In the past few years, disciplinary measures have been increased in order to diminish the presence of violence in any sport, especially in the most popular ones.
  • - Exemplary sanctions. You could include information about some extraordinary cases in recent Sport History. From time to time, people lose the nerves way too much and someone else gets hurt. You could make a short list including some of the most controversial cases in your country.
  • - People should live in peace. Violence is present in sport events because it is not vanished from our society. People haven’t learnt how to live in peace yet. The only effective measure to deal with this situation is providing a good education that encloses the most important values for our society.
  • - There is no room for aggression. It is not a matter of physical harm, exclusively. Psychological abuse is more frequent than physical violence in different situations. No matter what sort of aggression, it should never be allowed.
  • The first step is to understand why violence is a problem: it only causes damage.

  • - Cause and Effect. So, someone teases you and you answer with aggression. How is that solving anything?

    He/she will not tease me again – you could argue. The problem is that both of you could get hurt.

  • In fact, the victim of the aggression is not the only one who gets hurt in the process. When you are practising any sport, you wish to be the winner but sometimes you will lose. You should not only be prepared for winning as much as you should be for losing from time to time.

  • - If you are being defeated, violence makes it worse. People usually loses their nerves when they are about to lose. It is a consequence of their frustration which needs to be expelled in some manner. However, bashing the opponent is not the correct answer. It just makes you lose without honour.

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