Tips On Where To Find Examples Of Well Written College Essays

To write a good essay of your own, you will need to study some high quality examples and learn from the experience of others. This won’t be difficult as there are plenty of sources that offer these kinds of samples. Take the following steps if you want to find them:

  1. 1. Decide what you need.
  2. There are literally thousands of essay examples out there. You can find a paper on almost any topic and in any format. Therefore, the first thing to do is to narrow down your options to make the search easier.

    Talk to your teacher and determine the format you will need to use (APA, MLA, etc.). Next, choose a topic.

    Now you have to search for examples in this specific format on one specific subject. Don’t try to find the works on the exact same topic as it’s not really relevant.

  3. 2. Understand what quality is.
  4. Find several guidebooks that explain how exactly academic essays must be written and find the type that you need to create. You can find plenty of “how to write” articles for every essay type at many websites.

    Study this information very carefully and make a checklist of the features that define a high quality paper. You will need to use it when you read the samples you find in order to determine whether they are indeed good.

  5. 3. Search for samples.
  6. There are plenty of sources that offer sample essays. Some of them are free, while others will require a small fee. The best of them are:

    • Libraries.
    • School libraries should store some of the papers written by students.

    • Custom writing companies.
    • They offer free samples and can sell you some of their old works.

    • Online databases.
    • This is the best free source, but the quality of some of the papers you can find there is low, so you have to be careful.

  7. 4. Study the examples you find.
  8. Once you have several examples on hand, you can start studying them. Determine which are the best and focus your efforts on them. Take notes when you read the sample so that you don’t need to go over it several times.

    Remember that any direct quote or borrowed idea must be credited in your own work. If you simply copy some parts of the sample, you will face accusations of plagiarism. Your work will be rejected and you may even get in some serious trouble with professors. Your reputation among the staff will be ruined.

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