Kinds Of A Literary Essay: Basic Tutorial For Students

There are two primary objectives in writing a literary essay. First is to give or provide information and second, to send a particular message to your readers. Remember that in this kind of essay, there are no points of argument or rebuttal. It is plainly examining or evaluating a particular literary work. The following may be helpful for starters:

  • Identify what kind of literary work is it. Since there are several types of literature, you should know about the specific topic you are writing about. Is it a poem? A song? This will enlighten you what to do and how to do it.
  • Do a careful analysis of the topic. You can start with the title itself since it summarizes all the ideas that the author would like to deliver the readers. Ask how the title itself will influence the audience.
  • Research on the basic elements of the work. This step in writing will guide you how the author will make a smooth transition from one event to the other. It is also considered the core of every literary piece of work.
  • Gather the elements and break it down into smaller pieces. A concrete example is why an author would use extended metaphor on a character that had been long dead. Is it to praise him or give the readers the chance to ridicule his wrongdoings?
  • Examine all pieces and create appreciation and understanding of the work. It is a procedure all writers should know and master.
  • Support what you say and give your proof. This will make your work credible to all your readers and will somehow develop a sense of trust to all of your convictions.
  • Organize your ideas and gain control of your readers. Always remember not to deviate outside of your topic. It will not only create a frown on the face of your readers but also will encourage them of not finishing what they have started.
  • Be honest about what will readers get or absorb after reading your essay. This is a point when your end justifies the means.
  • Make a stunning introduction. You better be good at this in order to create an element of surprise to all your audience.
  • Create an unquestionable body of your essay. Explain all the topic sentences and connect it to all the events in your work.
  • Conclude your essay with a twist. Leave an intriguing question that your readers might relate or connect to real life situations.

You now have the weapons to fight confusion and misunderstanding. Get your pen and start scribbling about your favorite poem, song or short story today.

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