Tips On How To Complete Your College Essay Without A Hitch

Applying for college is a big step. In order to be accepted into the program of your choice, you usually have to write a college essay. A lot is riding on this one paper, so you need to make it as interesting and unique as possible.

This is your chance to show the admission committee who you really are and provide some insights about yourself that aren’t listed on your application. It also reveals the reasons why you think you’d be a good fit for their program and what your skills are in writing.

The biggest piece of advice from people who are admissions officers is to “be yourself.” The second best recommendation is to start early. A really great paper isn’t usually written in a flash, but rather has a lot of thought and a good amount of effort put into it.

Tips for writing your college essay

  1. 1. Highlight yourself. This is the purpose of the paper, after all. Don’t focus on someone or something else. Instead, share something personal about you – your story, your insights, your thoughts. Take a creative approach.
  2. 2. Focus on a narrow topic. Trying to cover too many topics makes it look more like a resume and doesn’t provide those deep personal details that really show who you are. Make sure your main idea can be followed from beginning to end. Don’t leave your reader dangling or feeling confused.
  3. 3. Example is the best teacher. If you want them to really know who you are, show them instead of telling them. In other words, include specific details and reasons for why you made certain decisions or why you interpreted something a certain way. Don’t just skim the surface; dig deep and show them what’s underneath.
  4. 4. Use your own writing and your own voice. Don’t use canned, worn-out phrases. Also try to avoid formal language.
  5. 5. Proofreading is essential. Your admissions committee will be able to tell if you have skimped on the proofreading. Don’t turn it in with grammar or spelling errors. You need a real human to look for these, because spell-check software doesn’t pick up everything, especially improper word usage.

This paper is your opportunity to show what’s inside you. Don’t make it sound overly impressive; it shouldn’t be a list of all your accomplishments. It’s a way for the admissions officers to get to know you better.

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