15 Creative Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

With so many potential topics out there, deciding which one to write a descriptive essay about can be really tough. It can also be difficult to find something that hasn’t yet been done and to create something unique. However, there are plenty of subjects out there perfect for middle school students’ descriptive essays that are unique and fascinating. 15 of the best ones are listed here.

  1. How does the Bermuda Triangle work?
  2. The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery, with many fascinating things happening in its vicinity for many years. Investigate why these things have happened.

  3. How has writing developed?
  4. The world didn’t always have written. Where have we found the earliest examples of writing?

  5. How do horses sleep?
  6. It is a well-known fact that horses spend most of their lives standing up, and only sit or lie down very seldom. How, then, can they sleep?

  7. The worst day of your life
  8. Remember the worst day of your life and outline why it was so awful. Use plenty of adjectives and describe it fully.

  9. My ideal house
  10. Where would you like to live when you are older? In a bungalow? A block of flats? Explain your choices.

  11. What is your ideal career?
  12. What would you most like to be when you grow up? What sort of things will you have to do when you are working? Where will you work and how will you get there?

  13. Your first date
  14. If you’ve had your first date, it was no doubt memorable. Note it down for posterity in a descriptive essay.

  15. Your favourite character
  16. This can be from a book, movie or game, but remember to say why they are your favourite.

  17. What’s your favourite season?
  18. The various seasons are different in different countries. Which is your favourite, where and why?

  19. Your first date of school
  20. The first day of school can be really scary and really stick in our minds. This makes a great topic talk about.

  21. Your hero
  22. Choose someone whom you admire and look up to and describe their best qualities.

  23. Your first / favourite pet
  24. If you’ve ever had a pet animal, you’ll know how important they are and how easily you remember them.

  25. And art exhibition
  26. How did the art make you feel? What did it look like? Did you understand it?

  27. An inspiring view
  28. What would inspire you? What sort of things would the view have to include?

  29. A prison cell
  30. This one is tough because most middle school students will need to use their imagination, but it is an exciting topic!

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