Writing an Excellent MLA Format Profile Essay: Tips and Tricks

The MLA formatting style (Modern Language Association) is commonly used for essays, research projects, dissertations and other academic papers in the sphere of humanities. Its main guidelines and formatting rules are provided by manuals that can be found online and in libraries.

If you need to write a profile essay that would match the MLA style demands, you should keep in mind several main points that will help you compose a winning project. The main advantage of precise sticking to the rules of MLA formatting and organization of your paper is the fact that you will avoid plagiarism charges. Your research will look credible, and it will give points to your reputation. It’s especially important for profile essays that are often based on works of other authors and researchers that are related to the subject.

So, the main tips and tricks of the MLA format for your profile essay are as follows:

  • Use standard paper sheets of a white color and print your research with the highest available quality.
  • Double-space the entire text, using a clear font. Make sure that this font looks different when regular and italicized. The font should not be bigger than 12pt.
  • Leave only one space after all punctuation marks, unless you have different instructions from your supervisor.
  • Leave at least 1" margins at each side of the page to insure proper binding.
  • Have the first line of each new paragraph indented; use the Tab key instead of pressing the Space key five times.
  • Always follow instructions of your supervisor when it comes to numbers of pages and their location. In accordance to the MLA style, numbers of pages are located in the top right corner, half an inch from the topmost edge.
  • Use the italicized font to emphasize names of sources of information that you use and to give additional accent to certain notions in the text, but only in case it’s vital for the understanding or the meaning.
  • If you make footnotes, list them in a separate page that goes after before the main text of your work.
  • Don’t make a special title page unless you are given instructions to make it by your supervisor.
  • If you have separate parts in your profile essay, give them an Arabic number that is followed by a space and the name of the paragraph.
  • When you give reference to books, mention the last name of the author, the given name, italicize the book title, end with the date and place of publishing.

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