Where To Search For An Example Of A Problem Solution Essay

Our lives have so many layers and each has its own distinctly patterned problems. We keep trying to solve the problems appearing from different junctures scarce realizing that what passes by in the meantime is life itself.

Laying the format

A problem solution essay necessitates placement of a pertinent problem in the first half with an effective solution in the second. The problem should be biting, relevant, subjective and all-pervasive. You cannot deal with the pansies in the field when there are fire-coals to be logged.

Here are the places where you will find suitable topics for problem solution essays

  • Global irritants – Energy constraints; deforestation, waste water mismanagement; poor indoor air quality; these are global irritants making their presence felt in different countries of the world. You may take a look at the some of the subjective irritants and find your topic.
  • University archives – You can go through the archives to pick up excellent problem solution essays. Make sure that you check out different year’s compilation. You can do the same with formal essay sites.
  • Digital libraries – You can scour through the digital library by placing perfect keywords. You will get an array of these essays from which you can choose those topics which really hearten your soul and which you feel can make a strong intrusion.
  • Relevant matters – Teen pregnancy; child disorder; abortion, red tape in different brackets; irregular legislations, data dissemination; all these are relevant maters which require well-wrought solutions.
  • Neighborhood search – You can take a tour of your neighborhood and find out the problems that bother them. From water disputes to electricity deficiency; from landfills to racism and sexism; all these are pertinent problems which again necessitate prompt and effective solutions. You can raise your pen from there.

Sharpness of mind

Of course, the very reservoir for problem solution pieces is your mind where there are conflicting emotions always brewing up. Rack it; you will come across topics like ‘how to overcome break-ups’ or ‘how to overcome the demon of Math’ or ‘how to get the better of back-biting in multicultural enterprises’.

Be solution-specific

While tackling these essays, you should be particularly poignant about the solution. This is what lends your piece a spectacular and liberating conclusion. This is what strikes a balance in your work. This is what makes it beautiful to read and to cherish. Be methodical with the solution segment to drive the point home.

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