Technology is growing very fast in the modern world. Due to its significant, almost every person with computer knowledge has ventured in the used of this fast growing industry. In fact, technology has made the world to look as a small village for the modern generation. However, the use of technology has resulted to development of cybercrimes. Cybercrime is a criminal offence which is committed through the use of internet and technology.

Today, cybercrime has attracted a lot of concern around the globe due to drastic increase rate of the cases reported. As a matter of fact, every single day, a new way of cybercrime case being reported. Actually, cybercrime is the most ruthless computer crime in the modern world which has caused many people to lose their most confidential information to cyber crackers. To make the matters worse, most of the perpetrators go without being suspected or being identified.

Common Cybercrime Practices

There are several forms of cybercrimes committed every day. Pornography is one of the worst and most often cybercrime been committed in the world. In most cases, it not exactly pornographic materials but what leads to. This incorporates drug trafficking, crimes against children and prostitution. Other common cybercrimes involves cyber stalking, theft and money phishing or laundering. There are many crimes committed over the internet which result to severe consequences to the internet users. Cyber criminals invade your computer with malicious software or viruses which corrupt computer systems leading to lose of significant data. Cybercrime is an extensive criminal offense involves various criminal practices.

Curbing Cybercrime

Everybody who makes use of computer software is at a risk of being a victim of this fast growing internet crime. It therefore computer user are advised to keep a wide eye on their computer systems to detect any foreign attempts accessing their systems. Further, installation of computer anti-virus together with malware and spyware will assure computer users safety of their confidential information. In general, intensive cyber security should be ensured to curb this fast growing, worldwide technological menace.

However, with the nature of technology grow rate in the modern world, it is difficult to identify these criminals involved, and therefore, most of these perpetrators goes unpunished and fact that led to significant increase of these criminal practice. Technology is advancing too fast yet very little has been done to curb the issue of cybercrime. Cyber criminal are taking that advantage to rob and access very vital information of internet users. This is too bad for a civilized world and therefore proper mechanisms should be put in place to curb these arising issues related to technological growth.

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