Tutorial On Writing An Opinion Essay About Expressing Your Feelings

The best way to go about writing any style of paper is knowing what it should contain. It should also be known how to correctly put it on paper. Being comfortable with the work can be nothing but positive. The audience are well-educated and informed individuals. This is to say that it will be hard to get over on them. This is not their first rodeo and most think it their place to give the most honest take on the work. This article will give a tutorial on writing an opinion essay about expressing your feelings.

  1. The first thing in writing such a paper is becoming familiar with the theme. This should not be an issue for this particular section. That is to say who knows more about your feelings than you? There are numerous articles that discuss reasons why we think and react in different manners. You must come up with some main ideas that will support your theme.
  2. Organize all your research with some type of outline or diagram. You should eliminate all of the boring, less-interesting information. Take the five strongest ideas that best support your topic. They should be at least two-three sentences long. They will be used as topic sentences. The information that starts-off each paragraph. You must write to keep the audience’s attention at all times. The most effective way is to take the two best of the five topic sentences and place them at the first and last paragraph. These locations are where the audience is mentally wanting to read the best material.
  3. Each paragraph should contain a strong argument on your point-of-view. They should be written to convince the audience that your opinion carries the most weight of the idea. They should be written to persuade the reader that the material is true. Prepare yourself for question & answer session with audience. This is a good place to prove your stand on the theme. The first set is to anticipate what the audience are going to ask. Practice tearing holes in their objective of crossing you up. The second set is for your advantage. Ask them questions that can only be answered by agreeing with your point-of-view. This will make it difficult to contradict themselves.
  4. In your conclusion tell the audience what you already told them again. Just do it in a more shorten creative version. Do not add any new information. This will just add confusion. Tell them what you want them to think.

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