10 Effective Tips For Writing An Argumentative Essay Paper

An argumentative essay paper may be boring to write. This is because many people find it difficult especially to start and also develop. Students are required to examine a topic, assemble evidence and thereafter launch position on the topic in a terse manner. Also, in the composition of this type of writing, it is more often than note challenging to take a neutral stand throughout the process and provide judgment later. Basically and for the taking, you are supposed to developed a sharp cognition of two opposing sides and develop your write-up spectacularly. The following tips will help you write an impressive argumentative essay paper and also develop interest in the same

  • Find a good topic
  • Find a topic that is within your range. The topic should also interest you. Most people dislike these essays because they select on topics that is too difficult and unfamiliar to them. A good topic will enable you to be comfortable both in writing and verbal arguing.

  • Establish your position
  • You must be able to know your position in the topic that you have selected.

  • Gather enough evidences
  • Amass proofs that will enable you to argue your position in a proper way. This will enable you to influence your readers. You can gather your evidences from books in the library or from the internet

  • Organize your evidences
  • The evidences should be organized from the strongest to the weakest. You therefore ought to take the strong points and leave out the weak points.

  • Write a draft
  • The draft will help you know the format of your essay. This will help you spend less time on your final writing

  • Consider both sides
  • When writing, you also ought to identify the strongest points of the opposite side. This will enable you to make your argument stronger by comparing your side with the opposite side.

  • Avoid passive voice sentences
  • Sentences such as “The people were betrayed by their government” must be avoided. Rather you can say “The government betrayed the people”

  • Tense
  • When giving the past events, past tense should be used for example “The second world war caused more deaths and pain to the people”

  • Language
  • Language in an argumentative essay should be Formal. Avoid being emotional in your writing.

    Shun away from making up evidences

This will render your essay invalid. Use available evidence to argue out your presentation.

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