Writing A Brilliant 5-Paragraph Problem Solution Essay Quickly

A short deadline may put pressure on you to complete the few paragraphs of your problem solution essay. It is possible to complete the paper in twenty to thirty minutes and still deliver quality work. Because of the limitation in time, here are very useful tips to ensure that your paper is done in the shortest time.


You will be tempted to dive into writing immediately but this will compromise the quality of your work. Devote up to ten percent of the time available to planning. This means organization of ideas and allocating ideas to each paragraph. It gives you a clear picture of the structure and flow of ideas to expect once the paper is complete.

Do not focus on the introduction

A lot of time is wasted waiting for the excellent introductory word, phrase or sentence. This is likely to take a lot of valuable time that would have been spent adding value to your content. At the end of your writing exercise, you will have a full view of your problem solution essay which makes it easy to construct an introduction.

Begin Writing

Having written the main points during planning, it is time to give you essay some flesh. Fill in the examples and explanations that will make your opinion or argument plausible. Make the sentences as clear and simple as possible. Ensure that you provide the strongest points and examples at the beginning and then follow them up with the weaker ones. Because of the limitation in time, think and write fast ensuring that you maintain the required flow.

Focus on the introduction and the conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are crucial in any essay. After constructing the body, tie down all your points and summarize them in a concise conclusion. Return to the introduction and provide a compelling statement that will attract the reader to delve into the entire essay. These are the binding paragraphs and they must be written using the most selective and purposeful words.

Edit and Proofread

Poor grammar, sentence construction and other errors will overpower the most brilliant arguments and ideas. Go through your work to eliminate any such errors. Erase any word, phrase or sentence that does not add value to your problem solution essay. This will ensure that there is a smooth flow which will make your work interesting to read. Editing and proofreading turns your paper into A quality.

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