Childhood is that period for an individual after he or she is born until one gets to the stage of an adolescent. Childhood has not been easy for all. Some children enjoy their childhood others do not. Parenting is a major determiner of this. Good parenting will lead to healthy childhood whereas bad parenting can result in bad childhood. Childhood memories are different for all depending on their experiences. This could also be determined by parenting and also the environment in which the child may grow in. Most importantly is thus childhood is critical in determining the other stages in the development of children. How one was brought up as a child, what they learn, how they are taught and the experiences they have or go through in life are some of the determinants of the life of the child after childhood.

Childhood and Parenting

Parents should understand that good parenting is a requirement for them. Bringing up their children in their childhood stages in the right or correct manner is crucial. The parent should realize that he or she plays a crucial part in the childhood of all individuals. The parent should be keen to teach the child of behavior and conduct that is acceptable. All parents should learn to discourage the unacceptable behavior in the children. The way this is dome is also critical. The time the parent has for the child is crucial. It shows the love for the child and the care the parent has and feels for the child. The parents of a child should work on creating good memories for the child. Taking the child out on the weekends for visits is very important for the child. It’s a way of improving the view of the child in the world. The parents should be keen on this. The behavior of a child should too be monitored by the parents. Too much television should be prohibited for example. Violence with other children, however, minimal should be discouraged. A little punishing is also encouraged in case the child is arrogant or keeps repeating mistakes warned of by the parent.

Early Childhood Education and its importance

Early childhood education enables the child to get familiar with the world. The way a child socializes with others can be determined by early childhood education. It is through early childhood education that the child learns to understand and make interpretations from observation. The child during this time starts learning things that are life changing for them as the things around them are viewed differently.

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