Being Rich Versus Being Famous

People wish to be rich or famous, or even both. We should take our time and think what this means. Many are both rich and famous; still, there are major differences between the two terms. One difference might be that being rich means having lots of money while being famous means being widely known.

There are different types of rich and famous people. There are famous actors, actresses, singers, television stars, models, producers, chefs; basically, many people can be famous. It is the same thing with being rich. Many people are wealthy as a result of hard work, legacy or hitting the lotto.

Social Status

If you climb the social ladder, there are many things to be considered; for instance, your money or your family. Famous politicians are different from movie stars. A movie star will always gain respect and admiration while a politician will have fans only when they are in the limelight. Millionaires are positioned at the top of their social status due to their fortune. Some people might have a higher social status thanks to their fame rather than fortune.

The Future

Famous and rich people can lose their fortune or fame at any moment. A rich person who has lost their money can take it back using the same means or working hard as before. Being rich versus being famous implies some general truths:

  • Being rich does not mean being famous and vice versa.
  • Money and fame might be taken from you at any moment.
  • Social status can be climbed by the famous and acquired by the rich.
  • Money makes you rich not famous.
  • Being famous is not materialistic, being rich is by all means based on materialism.

People have a goal in life, and their goal might be either being rich or becoming famous. All people want to be successful in life. Being famous or rich leads to success for sure. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Fame makes you known worldwide. Being famous is being recognized by the others all over the world. Being rich is being envied by everyone for your fortune. Being rich only can be forgotten easily. People look forward to making a lot of money; however, they also try to invent new things, create beautiful arts, do whatever they like in order to become well-known by other people and do their best to become successful in life.

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