Key Features Of A Narrative Essay: 7 Tips To Keep In Mind

There are many genres of essays. One needs to be quiet aware of the important ones and the formats of each of them so they can come up with a good one when they are asked to write one. It has been a part of our school and college life. We have been always asked to write essays on several topics. They have formed a vital part of our education system. They help us to have a good strength on our English writing.

The best format of essay is a narrative one. Here you can write what your imagination ones to paint. You don’t have to fear about any critics as the only thing you will be judged up on is the style of writing not the information you provide.

7 tips to be kept in mind for writing a good narrative essay:

  1. 1. The topic is a thing of importance. You have to come up with a nice topic. Without that you cannot have a chance to show your vivid imagination. The scope of your narrative scape will only be portrayed when you have the perfect grounds to play on. If you choose a dull boring topic then you would never be able to come up with a good work.
  2. 2. A broad sense of vision and wide narrative outlook are must so that you can come up with a great work. Without these two you won’t be able to provide with a creative extravaganza that can make people realize the visual phenomenon through your writings.
  3. 3. The title should be an interesting one. If you provide with a boring dull title it won’t attract readers.
  4. 4. The information provided in your essay should be interesting and thought provocation. For that you have to have a wide sense of thoughts. If your description becomes boring at any point of time then it will be hard to hold on the readers.
  5. 5. The introduction is the place where you need to work hard and come up with a great sense of suspense so that the readers find your work to be interesting and continue reading.
  6. 6. The work should always be in a first person basis. It should talk about your narration of a particular incident. It should never be done on second or a third person basis. It is meant to be written in your views and opinions.
  7. 7. The body should contain all the vital description in an excellent narrative scape. The conclusion should be tight so that the reader stays inside the aftermath of the plot long after they have finished reading it.

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