Fun Expository Essay Topics: 28 Unique Suggestions

From new inventions in the world of Science to dark secrets of famous people in history recently revealed—all of these topics can be covered in expository essays. So who says writing is a boring task? The challenge to “expose” people to more information on their interests is now in your hands. The ultimate topic to use is now your choice. Here are some great ideas:

  1. 1. The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Social Media websites for Education
  2. With this topic you can focus on:

    • Social media websites are equating to housing, food, and clothes.
    • Teachers now have to level up their skills by becoming “techy” themselves.
  3. 2. The Best Social Website To Date
  4. You can write this by:

    • Researching about how each website began
    • Find out how each website appeals to everyone around the world
  5. 3. What is Online Education?
  6. You can highlight how…

    • It helps several people who want to study in the best schools but cannot afford to attend them personally
    • It helps young professionals who want to grab jobs or be promoted.
    • It also caters to the physically challenged and the elderly.
  7. 4. The Best Dating Places
  8. This is a great topic because:

    • You get to hop from one place to another
    • You can balance your study time with your friends
    • You can show off your research skills by making criteria and setting a poll on the best dating places in your community.
    • You can also use it as an excuse to enjoy your neighbourhood’s culture and promote it.
  9. 5. Reasons why Students get Detention Time
  10. Have you ever wondered why do students get detention time? This assignment will be easy once you get permission to interview students and teachers about detention time. You can make their inputs as great material for qualitative data. You should also use it as a basis to make a project proposal.

  11. 6. How We can Preserve Endangered Animals
  12. Animal lovers would find this topic fun and important. You can snoop around government and nongovernment agencies around you that promote animal rights. You can choose your community’s animals to search on. Through gathering information and interviews, you can give relevant information to your audience about the topic.

  13. 7. What is the Most Popular Subject Amongst Students
  14. Everyone wants to be considered “in” and often follow the trends set by students. You will get closer to your peers and what your generation considers as important by surveying on their favourite subjects. These subjects will have an impact on what the future can be. It will be a project wherein you can practice your social skills.

  15. 8. Easy Projects that help the Environment
  16. Being “eco-friendly” is also a trend that a lot of people follow. Most people are concerned with how to prevent climate change disasters and want easy ways to contribute to a healthy earth. Your expository paper can help address their concerns and be useful to your community.

  17. 9. The Truth in Fantastical Creatures
  18. Young and old, people have become amazed by the world of magic. You can look for facts that prove some sayings of your favourite fantastical creature are true. Your work will draw in a lot of readers who will be interested to share your findings with others.

  19. 10. Secrets of Successful People
  20. The secret to success is often a question that comes up for everyone. This is easy by:

    • Finding insights on famous and successful people about how they earned their wealth or popularity to cater a big audience.
    • Interviewing community heroes for this topic.
  21. 11. Wonders of other Planets
  22. There is an unending curiosity about life and facts about the other planets. You can read books, magazines, and latest news articles about a planet you find interesting. Other people will surely find your thoughts on this planet intriguing too.

  23. 12. Careers Online
  24. A lot of people want to invest their talents and businesses online. As a student who is stepping out into the world of independence, it is also important to inform your peers about greater possibilities. You would find researching on career opportunities online relevant and handy.

  25. 13. Best Healthy Snacks
  26. Staying healthy but enjoying it is often a dilemma for people. You can help them solve their woes with taking the time to search for the best healthy snacks that are both delicious and nutritious.

  27. 14. Top Selling Products
  28. This is important because:

      Building a business takes time and effort. Knowing about the top selling products in your community may be the beginning of your secure future.
  29. 15. Superstitions that are Real
  30. Some superstitious beliefs are based on scientific facts. It would be fun to find out what is a myth and what is a fact though research and experiment. It is also appealing to a large crowd of readers.

  31. 16. School Materials of the Most Quality
  32. Whenever school is around, and projects must be done, a number of students and parents worry about what school materials to use. You can survey and test out school supplies that will create beautiful projects that will last all year round.

  33. 17. Stories Behind the Stage
  34. If you like drama, lights, and action you might find it cool to write an expository piece about the actors and actresses of your community’s plays. You can do an exclusive about their lives and insights about living on art and entertainment.

  35. 18. How to make an interesting Website
  36. Influential people of today own websites that offer their knowledge and services to others. You can find out how they built these websites and made it into a great investment to start your own or encourage others who wish to do the same.

  37. 19. Reasons to love my Community
  38. You can write a paper that will attract tourists or promote your community’s spirit to your friends. You can write about the hot spots in your community or share its culture.

  39. 20. Trending Fashion
    • Look up the latest trends in magazines or fashion blogs Write your own insights about updates you think everyone should know.
  40. 21. Hot Must Reads
  41. Some people are die-hard book, lovers. You can cater to this kind on the audience by promoting books you’ve read and love. You can discuss its characters, author, or whatever you think other book-lovers will appreciate.

  42. 22. Insights on the Latest Movies
  43. You can help groups of people who want to watch movies by giving them a heads up on the latest movies. Create your own criteria and evaluate the movies accordingly. You can also do this with your friends and family.

  44. 23. Why Physics is Relevant
    • Give information on the relevance of physics today.
    • Find facts or the latest inventions created through the logic of physics to back you up.
  45. 24. Where to Find the Best Sources
  46. Another good topic worth surveying on sources. You can interview and search for information about which sources of information are of the best quality. This helps people because it prevents plagiarism and promotes quality information services.

  47. 25. Reasons behind Cyberbullying
  48. One of the latest issues students face today is cyber bullying. Understanding how and why it is done is essential to creating a peaceful community. Your paper can be the voice for several cyber bully victims and a way to prevent it.

  49. 26. Geeks who’ve become Rich
  50. Cinderella stories of famous people who were once considered geeks in school are now inspiring topics. You can inspire your peers through their life stories.

  51. 27. Factors to being Popular
  52. An interesting poll you can begin can be about popularity. Ask your peers what is popularity for them and the factors why they consider one person popular. You will find the results “in demand” by readers.

  53. 28. Authors who have changed the World
  54. Some of the most powerful people in the world are not politicians or celebrities but rather authors. Explore the lives of authors and you will find through writing you can also empower others.

Expository essays should always inform their audience. They can be entertaining through your way of discussing the facts and scenarios that are relevant to the topic. The secret really to making a good essay is to put your own interests in your work. Who knows? One of these topics, you choose will make you a true hit in your campus.

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