Winning Ideas For Your Next College Essay

What makes an essay interesting to read? What capture a reader’s attention in an essay? No matter where you come from, you will definitely agree with me when I say every body likes to read something that they can relate to. Thus to have an attractive essay, you need to write on something people can relate to. To guide you through effective essay writing, here are some topics you should consider essays on.


Everybody encounters a challenge at one point or the other in life. What if you decided to discus a challenge or evaluate methods of solving challenges? That would appeal to any living human being because chances are, they have ever encountered a challenge or two in life. However, do not use a too far fetched challenge. It might be irrelevant to anyone.

Achievement and success

Nobody hates being better in life. We all love a motivation talk here and there. So if you write a success story or success manual, its likes to give your lecture’s audience hence credit. Whichever you choose, ensure you are unique. Do not copy other people’s ideas but create your own and be rational.


People do not just exist like rocks. They live and make a difference. Tell us what difference you see yourself making in feature. Lets see how unique you can be or how different you can make life for others. Build someone’s hope and also make them see a light in you. Help them see have different perception of you. Then you will win their heart and credit at the end of the essay.


Work, work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Not many life like a serious life all through. If you can tell of a humorous short literal composition, go ahead. However, one should know that this is a very risky venture. What is funny to you may not be funny for me. Be sure to choose a humorous excerpt from an angle that does not end up in prejudice or discrimination. Be safe as you joke.


At one point or the other, we all can relate to history. Thus writing a historical essay that won’t be out of the current man context would be appealing to many. However it should be noted that people differently and some have deep knowledge of the same. Thus you should do your research well enough.

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