The well-known American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway despite numerous critic considerations toward his personality, is one of the greatest men of literature, whose legacy and the reputation in particular are established as the style to follow for those who came after him. The writing philosophy of Hemingway is the highest recognized value to all the worldwide writers. At the same time some novelists like Irving rejected his works for simplicity of the writings and offensive tough-guy posturing. Hemingway was the one, whose fame was resting in “his evocative stories crafted in spare pose”, tragic romances and travel books. Hemingway’s recognition was slow, however, an explosive process, which often produced strong emotions like horror, fury and shock especially to the closest people. There are still many considerations about who was Ernest Hemingway.

The Office of Research Communications at Ohio University uncovered the literary links between the works of author with the American black writers, stating that Hemingway was the greatest living writers of prose fiction being a risk-taker of adventure at the same time. Being not one to give any comments on the topic of race, there were certain connections to portrayals of black characters in his works that were author’s personal beliefs. Here many of the critics accused him in propagating racism and the most unpleasant kind of machismo. However, his writings were the way to approach to the identity of discovering oneself in the metaphors of personal experience. That was the kind of author to express himself as the one useful to others. And he is useful today, keeping the style of writing to be emulated in the present time. Such was achieved by the manner of writing and the themes that were displayed through his writings. Very human and enduring, from death to courage, Hemingway’s works affected all. This can be explained by the personal experience that became the basis for his novels, the dialogues between the characters that made the reader remember the words.

In the modern context, works of Ernest Hemingway are the rite of passage for many writers and readers that speak about the influential manner of the novelist that gives people a challenge to figure out how to face different issues in life. There is also consideration that not one generation will reevaluate the works of Hemingway to redefine the idol in world literature.

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