Creating An Outstanding Cause And Effect Essay On King Lear

King Lear one of the best Shakespearian tragedies of all times, makes a very good topic for writing a cause and effect essay. Since there are so many actions and subsequent consequences in the play, that you will not run out of topics if you wish to base your paper on this play. There are different characters with deep psychological background and they perform their complex parts so that you get enough materials to support and then explain their actions.

Plenty of drama to explore

There is enough of love, war, madness and deceit to go around and that provides some interesting background to your paper. What you will need to do is learn as much about the play and the characters in it and not just the part concerning your essay. The whole story of love and betrayal is interwoven and if you think you can get away just by reading the necessary act and the required scenes you are wrong. The actions and the subsequent consequences are scattered throughout the play and you will have to read it all at least once to get a good grip on the concept.

The main villains in this play are Edmund, Goneril and Regan. So it will be their actions that you have to study in details. You will also have to understand the relationship between the old King Lear and his relationship with his daughters before you can write. The king’s relation with his daughters forms the main background of the play and will have to be included in the theme no matter what topic you choose. It will form the major backdrop for all your causes and effects.

Here are a few tips to help you write a better cause and effect essay on Kind Lear:

  • Study the play and all other writings by critics thoroughly to get a good idea before starting.
  • You must have some knowledge of Shakespearian plays so that you can add references to other plays whenever needed. It also helps if you are familiar with the works of Shakespeare as the play becomes easier for you to understand.
  • Understand the character you are going to write on. There are so many psychological complexities in a seemingly simple character that you will have to read and re-read the lines to understand what the bard actually means. Even then you will be left with so many possibilities.

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