A List Of Winning Argumentative Essay Topics To Explore

One of the easiest papers that you will ever work on is an argumentative essay. There are a lot of students who often think that this is a difficult essay to work on. On the contrary, as long as you have the right ideas this will actually be one of the easiest papers you have ever done in your life. In order to help you figure out a few things here and there about this paper, the following are some incredible topics that you can take into consideration:

  • Discuss religion and explain whether you can or cannot do without a superior being Some people are highly talented, while others work their way up through hard work. Compare and contrast hard work and talent based on the success rate that individuals achieve in life
  • Technology has made it easier for people to communicate through other forms other than the traditional ways. Sadly, society seems to be getting carried away by the nifty gadgets. Discuss citing possible remedies, how we are losing our will to listen
  • Being the more evolved species of animals on the planet, human beings are often prone to question statements and assertions. Some however consider this to be taking things too far. In your opinion, do human beings complain too much?
  • Compromise is important in different situations in life. It shows that an individual is a more mature person to let things go, while in some cases, it shows an individual that is downtrodden. Discuss the need for compromise, citing 5 instances where compromise would be a good idea
  • Analysts have considered this generation to be more self-centered than other generations in the past. Explain this phenomenon, providing reasonable examples to support your claim
  • Marriages are often built around a lot of factors. One of these is religion. Bearing in mind a situation where partners attempt to get married from the same religion to make their lives easier, critique the need for partners to have to belong to one religion before they get married.
  • Vegetarians and vegans have their reservations on whether or not meat should be consumed. From an objective point of view, discuss the ethical boundaries that are overstepped in eating meat, or not
  • Legalization of marijuana has in the past elicited mixed reviews from all corners of the country. Some support this while others believe this is a move that will certainly get exploited for all the wrong reasons. Discus citing feasible alternatives.

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